Attitude Baby Leaves Air Freshener Pear & Nectar Hypoallergenic 227 g

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Many babies stay in their room for up to 16 hours. Then of course you want the air there to be as pure as possible. Synthetic air fresheners and perfumes can contain more than 100 chemicals and have a bad effect on health.

Attitude's safe and effective air freshener contains only safe ingredients such as activated carbon, a natural filter, for a worry-free way to clean the air of odors and pollution. In addition, the air freshener provides a natural and familiar pear scent for up to six weeks.

The natural air freshener is free from hazardous substances and other chemicals. This means it can be used safely throughout the household, without leaving any harmful substances behind.
  • The product is vegan and not tested on animals
  • the fragrance is made from natural ingredients
  • Co2 neutral

Product information

Attitude promises to use only the safest and purest ingredients, such as plant-based fragrances, resin and activated carbon.


  • A natural air freshener for baby rooms, which retains pollution and spreads a wonderful pear scent.
  • Contains resin to effectively trap odors instead of masking them.
  • The activated carbon captures harmful particles from the air.
  • PETA certified, 100% vegan.


  1. Remove the lid.
  2. Remove the seal.
  3. Replace the lid.
Made from only natural substances. Better for the environment and health!

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