Yokuu All-Purpose Cleaner Refill 6 pieces

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Refill box with two water-soluble cleaning beads, based on good bacteria. Add the pearl to a spray bottle with water and your all-purpose cleaner is ready for use!

Product info

With this all-purpose cleaner you remove dirt and grease and restore the natural balance in your home! Yokuu's cleaners contain a lot of good bacteria but no harmful chemicals.

This refill contains:

  • 6 water-soluble all-purpose cleaner pearls

The cleaning beads contain good bacteria that help to clean your home. The pearls stay good for 1 year, store them dry at room temperature.

Fill the spray bottle (from Yokuu) with water and let the pearl dissolve in it, the solution has a shelf life of three months. You can use the spray directly on the surface to be cleaned and wipe it off if necessary. The all-purpose cleaner is safe for any type of surface, and can also be used on textiles.

After using the all-purpose cleaner, the purifying bacteria continue to work, resulting in less dust and odors. The bacteria help to restore the natural balance in the home. Yokuu's natural cleaning products are safe for animals and children.

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