EcoEgg Washing machine cleaning tablets

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Cleans your washing machine Washing machines need regular cleaning to ensure they continue to work optimally. Eco Egg detox tablets give your washing machine a thorough cleaning by tackling the dirt from the core. Your washing machine will be cleaner, shinier and happier.
  • Tackles soap surplus and limestone concentration
  • Removes odors
  • 1 tablet per month is enough to clean your washing machine
  • Cleans the places you can't see
Usage: Remove the packaging and place the detox tablet in the empty drum of your washing machine. Wash as warm as possible, preferably at 90°. Do not put laundry in the machine when using it.
This package contains 6 cleaning tablets. It is recommended to clean your washing machine once every month. The use of these detox tablets is recommended if you switch from a classic detergent to an Eco Egg Wash Egg.

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