Fairzone Cuticle Scissors Recycled Steel

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FAIRZONE Cuticle Scissors made from Recycled Railway Rails

These sturdy and extra sharp cuticle scissors from FAIRZONE are made from recycled steel from Pakistan. The steel comes from old railway tracks. This way, discarded rails are given a second chance and local people are helped to find a job.

The slightly curved sharp cutting edge makes these scissors ideal for removing cuticles and other skin debris. These fine cuticle scissors are not suitable for cutting nails.

  • Thinning scissors with extra fine cutting edge
  • Ultra sharp blade
  • Made from recycled steel from Pakistan
  • The perfect sharpness
  • Specially suitable for firm skin
  • Slightly curved cutting surface for each corner
  • Gentle and precise cutting of the cuticle

Product specifications Cuticle scissors - Recycled Steel

  • Length: 10cm x 5cm
  • Cutting surface: approx. 2 cm

To start, soak the skin in a warm hand or foot bath. Then cut the problem skin cleanly and carefully.

Environmental information about Cuticle Scissors - Recycled Steel

FAIRZONE sells fair trade products for home use and gardening, which they offer as the first step towards a plastic-free home. To achieve this goal, they develop and produce quality products together with fair trade partners in transparently traceable production processes. This means that they pay an extra price for the ingredients they source from poor regions of the world. This money is used to improve the living and working conditions of producers, including those of plantation workers and small farmers and their families on site. FAIR ZONE stands for fair treatment of all parties involved in the production process.

The demand: humane working conditions, ecologically sustainable management and the consistent renunciation of animal testing and child labor.

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