Lamazuna Shampoo Block Dry Hair Orange

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Shampoo without plastic packaging, wet your hair and massage the shampoo into your hair just like with a bar of soap, lasts as long as 2 bottles of shampoo

Product info

The shampoo in the form of a block is handmade in France with natural and organically certified ingredients. And the theme is in the shape of a French cake. ~ Cannelé
Solid shampoo without sulfates from natural ingredients
The block of shampoo lasts as long as 2 bottles of liquid shampoo! You wash your hair by rubbing the shampoo bar on your wet hair until it foams well. but it is also ideal because it reduces a lot of unnecessary waste by saving on plastic packaging. In addition, the number of washes is also reduced because the hair does not have to be washed again quickly as when using conventional products.
  • The shampoo bar is suitable for dry hair and is scented with orange.
  • Lamazuna products are vegan and are packaged in a cardboard box printed with environmentally friendly ink.
  • Contents: 55g

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