Yokuu Allergy Spray Starter Kit

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With this allergy spray starter kit you can effectively combat allergies! Yokuu's cleaners contain lots of good bacteria but no harmful chemicals. The active probiotics in this spray naturally break down allergy triggers such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander. They promote a harmonious and healthy microflora.

This starter kit contains:

  • 1 reusable spray bottle
  • 1 water-soluble allergy spray pearl

You can use the spray daily to prevent allergic reactions. With the pearl you make 300 ml spray, good for 250 treatments. The pearl will last for 2 years, keep it dry at room temperature. Once diluted, the spray has a shelf life of 3 months.

Fill the spray bottle with water and let the pearl dissolve in it. You can spray the spray directly onto surfaces to be treated. For example, use the spray on textiles such as mattresses, sofas, carpets and rugs. Can also be used on clothing.

Yokuu recommends using the spray daily to effectively combat allergens.

Product Specifications Allergy Spray Starter Kit

Composition of allergy spray:
Citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, unique bacteria mix, sodium carbonate, perfume (natural).

Made with: 100% natural probiotic blend (15 billion live bacteria per pearl) and 100% natural aroma (light mint scent). Free from chemical insecticide.

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